Kavos Investment Thesis

4 min readMay 10, 2023

Our investment thesis outlines why Kavos’ YouTube channel was so exciting for Everblom to invest in, including his impressive growth, viral content creation, unique flair, and high-potential to expand.

Kavos’ YouTube Channel

With a proven track record of success and fast-paced growth, Kavos has managed to amass a following of 1.26 million subscribers. A large and loyal subscriber base serves as a foundation for advertising and sponsorship revenue, further boosting the channel’s financial potential.

Kavos also possesses a talent for generating viral content, demonstrated by one of his videos that racked up over 10 million views and 75,000 new subscribers in just one day. His knack for producing highly shareable and engaging content results in a snowball effect of increased views, subscribers and revenue over time.

In the YouTube commentary realm, Kavos stands out with his quick wit, thorough analysis, and unapologetic (at times, controversial) honesty. This highly-engaging approach draws in a diverse audience of fans and haters, ensuring the channel’s long-term growth and sustainability. By setting himself apart from competitors, Kavos increases the likelihood of attracting and retaining viewers, cultivating a dedicated fanbase that contributes to ongoing success.

Kavos is committed to delivering well-researched, fact-based content, showcasing his strong work ethic. An investment in his channel supports a creator who values quality and accuracy, which in turn bolsters the credibility of his content. This dedication to quality ensures that Kavos’ content remains relevant and valuable, increasing the chances of long-term viewership and sustained revenue generation.

Additional funding will enable Kavos to improve his writing, research, and production capabilities, resulting in more content output, further growth in viewership, and a broader scope for his channel. Expanding his team and resources allows Kavos to increase content release frequency, explore new content formats, and potentially tap into new markets, all of which contribute to the channel’s overall success.

Kavos’ Twitter with over 100K followers

Kavos’ active presence on multiple social media platforms, alongside his YouTube channel, broadens his reach and influence. By leveraging these additional channels, Kavos can drive traffic to his YouTube content, boost audience engagement, and magnify the overall impact of his brand. This cross-platform presence offers extra opportunities for revenue generation through sponsored posts, collaborations, and other promotional activities.

Kavos has shown that he can leverage collaborations (and feuds) with fellow creators to grow his own channel. These relationships can further expand his audience reach, generate extra revenue, and enhance the overall appeal of his content. He has also secured many partnerships with reputable brands, which elevates his credibility and grants him access to more resources that can contribute to the channel’s growth. As Kavos’ influence and popularity grow, so will these opportunities.

The type of content by Kavos

Kavos has also proven that he can adapt quickly if necessary. His channel was originally gaming-focus, but Kavos pivoted towards commentary after addressing a controversial video, and seeing his audience responding positively. Being able to experiment with new topics can help ensure a diverse audience base and a more stable revenue stream. By appealing to varied viewer interests over time, Kavos can mitigate risks associated with fluctuations in specific interest areas, guaranteeing that the channel remains financially viable, even as viewer preferences evolve.

Prediction of Kavos’ channel views growth

YouTube’s enduring popularity suggests a bright future for creators like Kavos. As online video consumption continues to climb, so too will the demand for engaging, unique, and high-quality content. Kavos’ track record and distinctive style position him well to capitalize on this trend and secure a lasting presence in the YouTube ecosystem.

Prediction of Kavos’ channel subscribers growth

In conclusion, investing in Kavos’ YouTube channel presented Everbloom with a distinctive opportunity to support a creator with a proven track record, substantial growth potential, and a fresh approach to content. We think his potential is limitless, and we can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next.

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