YourBudTevin Investment Thesis

2 min readMay 31, 2023

Everbloom is a platform that gives creators the funds and resources to grow their channels. Anyone can then invest in these creators and earn a share of their revenue.

YourBudTevin’s YouTube channel was a compelling investment opportunity for Everbloom due to strong growth and engaging content. With a 36% increase in annual views, a 57% YoY revenue increase, and a 326K increase in subscribers, the channel demonstrates strong potential for sustained growth and profitability.

Tevin’s YouTube Channel

But it’s not just about the numbers. Looking at the bigger picture Tevin is creating a real community, not just a passive audience. His followers are actively engaged, participating in his content creation process through YouTube comment sections and Twitch streams, further enhancing his video retention rates and potential revenue earnings.

Comments from Tevin’s community under his latest YouTube video

Tevin’s also has ambitious plans. He’s gearing up to produce higher quality content and forge further collaborations with well-known creators like Jarvis Johnson (1.96M subscribers) and CalebCity (4.76M subscribers). These initiatives could significantly broaden his audience base and boost his revenue streams.

Another important factor we took into consideration is Tevin’s online presence beyond YouTube. He has 40.1K followers on Twitch, 387 paying patrons on Patreon, 6K Instagram followers and 47.7K Twitter. Operating in a global digital landscape, he has the potential to reach new audiences throughout different channels.

Tevin’s Twitter Bio

Tevin’s demonstrates a potent combination of highly-entertaining content, authentic community building, and strategic growth and diversification plans. These elements built a compelling case for Everbloom’s investment, which is now being put to use to accelerate the growth of Tevin’s YouTube channel.

If you feel the same way about his growth trajectory, you can invest in YourBudTevin here.




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