Y Combinator for Creators

Everbloom provides funding and expertise to help creators accelerate their careers

4 min readMar 11, 2023

The creator economy has been on-fire in recent years and YouTube is leading the charge. In 2022, the platform paid out an estimated $16B to its creators, which is now a legitimate and preferred future career choice for almost 1 in 3 children in the United States. Unfortunately, many aspiring creators ultimately fall short because they lack the funding, knowledge and operational support needed to become a successful full-time YouTuber.

Just like with startups, external funding can greatly accelerate a creator’s growth trajectory by allowing them to produce more and higher-quality content.

Unfortunately, very few fundraising options exist for early to mid-stage creators. Multi-channel networks (MCNs) once offered the promise of growth for many creators, but many fell short of those promises, and even fewer are willing to financially support creators.

The Y-Combinator of Creators

The Everbloom Creator Accelerator helps creators level-up by providing them with funding, expertise, and services that were previously out of reach. Financial backing allows creators to invest in higher-quality A/V equipment, editors, more ambitious productions, and any other resources they need to go bigger. Meanwhile, our network of YouTube veterans, experts, and service providers can deliver best-in-class coaching and operational support.

We believe that our accelerator program can help level the playing field and give more aspiring YouTube stars a real shot at success. By investing in creators and providing them with the support they need to grow and thrive, we can help to build a more diverse and vibrant ecosystem.

How Everbloom Helps Creators

Every creator who is accepted into the program receives an upfront investment in exchange for a portion of their future platform earnings. Each deal is customized to fit the creator’s situation, and only returns a profit to us if the creator grows.

In addition, we work closely our creators to identify and tackle their biggest challenges and opportunity areas– including, but not limited to:

- YouTube Shorts
Shorts is the new craze on YouTube, and capitalizing on it is a no-brainer. Our seasoned editing partners will help transform the creator’s content into viral shorts.

- Thumbnail Optimization
Often overlooked, thumbnails are one of the most important pieces of the YouTube puzzle. Expert designers will test and optimize the creator’s thumbnails with proven techniques to beat the algorithm.

- 1-on-1 Coaching
We provide coaching from some of the world’s top YouTube strategists to boost the creator’s views, retention, and earnings.

- Brand Deals
Our agents and partners will help source, negotiate, and manage new brand deals for the creators so they can focus on what they do best.

- Content Distribution
One platform just doesn’t cut it enough anymore. We help creators publish their content onto multiple social-media platforms to open up more exposure and more revenue streams.

In February, Everbloom onboarded @AveryB to our accelerator program, providing him $15,000 upfront funding and customized services. We are helping AveryB to create and test new thumbnail designs and short-form video editing for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Reels. To further support his growth, we provided 1-on-1 YouTube coaching sessions with industry leaders, as well as famed strategist and thumbnail guru, Jay Alto.

What’s next

More amazing YouTubers are slated to launch in March, and we’re committed to onboarding a new selection of high-potential creators every month. If you’re a creator who is interested in joining the accelerator program, you can learn more and sign up here.

Everbloom is committed to getting more people invested in the creator economy… even non-creators. To that end, our platform also allows individuals to invest in our creators along-side us. If you want to participate, you can start by following us on Twitter, joining our Discord, and signing up for our newsletter to get the latest updates about our next creator classes.





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